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My Family History & Genealogy

Genealogy is one of my passions

Family TreeI have deep roots in Coastal Maine going back to the 1600s and  the Mayflower in Massachusetts. I have been researching my family for more than 25 years. I have discovered many interesting things and have written about some of them. Here are links to some of my work.


Maternal Ancestry – Stevens & Burns

Paternal Ancestry – Coffin & McQuarrie

Common and Combined Ancestor Stories

My Family Tree at FamilyTreeDNA

Family Histories for my cousins

My Stevens Family Mysteries

I have prepared pedigree charts for my basic Stevens Family DNA Project identifying all the cousins that have tested so far and how we are related to each other. You will find these charts at the following links;

  1. Sheet SB1a
  2. Sheet SB1b

1. Where in Ireland do we come from?

My Irish ancestors arrived in Fredericton, NB in the 1840s. I have not been able to learn where they came from or the names of their parents. Most of Ireland’s records from this period have been destroyed. Ireland has initiated a DNA project to help folks like us rediscover our roots. See my DNA pedigree chart for this project here

2. Who was my great grandmother? (Grampa Steven’s mother)

The woman who raised him was Lydia Adelia Perry. However, some records suggest his mother’s name was Lida Thurlow. I have started a DNA project and have already identified over 25% of the X chromosome this woman passed to my grandfather, but I need help from my cousins to fill in the holes. See my DNA pedigree chart for this project here

3. Do we have Native American ancestry?

Both Aunt Ellie and Mom told me their father mentioned an Indian great grandmother, but neither recall any specifics. The boys don’t recall ever hearing this story. I have not been able to identify a Native ancestor. DNA testing so far is inconclusive, but suggests it “may” be true.

4. Where did Joshua Hutchins come from?

He was an early settler in Poland and a Revolutionary War soldier who collected a pension. I have not been able to identify his service or locate a pension file. Most Hutchins folks originate in Wells, ME, but there are a few that were in Connecticut at an early time. I can not find Joshua among any of the known Hutchins families. Perhaps DNA will help sort out this mystery.

My Coffin Family Projects

1. Descendants of Samuel Proctor of Lynn, MA & Falmouth ME

I am trying to compile a list of all the descendants of Samuel Proctor who settled in Falmouth (modern day Portland, Maine) and determine which of his children they descend from. I am speculating about a couple of his children and grandchild and am hoping DNA may help to sort out a few things for me.

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