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Genetic Genealogy

Genetic Genealogy is my newest passion!

I have many years of experience with traditional genealogy research and have recently became interested in using DNA testing to help push back some of the genealogy dead ends we all seem to have an abundance of in our family trees. I have spent the past 18 months immersed in genetics education, completing four university level genetics courses as well as following online forums and blogs. We are on the frontier of this new discipline with major developments occurring almost weekly. Staying up-to-date with this fast developing field is challenging.

You can download a PDF of my most recent Genetic Genealogy presentation here

Getting Started In Genetic Genealogy

I am the administrator of several DNA Projects hosted by FamilyTreeDNA.

My DNA family tree can be found here at FamilyTreeDNA.

Interesting DNA Facts

Autosomal Inheritance Patterns

You receive:

  • 50% of your DNA from each parent
  • approx. 25% from each grandparent
  • ~ 12.5% from each great grandparent
  • ~ 6.25% from each 2x great grandparent
  • ~ 3.12% from each 3x great grandparent
  • ~ 1.56% from each 4x great grandparent

You share:

  • approx. 50% of your DNA with your siblings
  • ~ 25% with your half-siblings, aunts & uncles, nieces & nephews
  • ~ 12.5% with your 1st cousins, great aunts & uncles, grand nieces & nephews
  • ~ 6.25% with your 1st cousins once removed, great grand aunts & uncles

Online Resources

Here are some great links for learning about DNA and how it can help your genealogy project.


Data Tools

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