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Canyon WolfMy name is Nancy Lecompte. Many folks know me as Canyon Wolf. I am the Education and Research Director for Ne-Do-Ba.

My Historical & Genealogical Background:

I am an active New England historian and genealogist with more than 20 years experience specializing in Native Americans of Northeastern North America. I am a life member of the Androscoggin Historical Society and maintain memberships in the Maine Genealogical Society, Maine Historical Society, New England Historical Genealogy Society, and the Bethel Historical Society. I have years of experience as a speaker and presenter for historical and genealogical societies as well as DAR groups.

I have very deep roots in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, with about 60% of my heritage going back to the very early 1600s into the early 1700s. About 70% of my ancestry was resident in Maine before the end of the American Revolution. I very proudly claim “My roots are in Maine”.

I have recently became interested in using DNA testing to help push back some of the genealogy dead ends we all seem to have an abundance of in our family trees. I have spent the past 18 months immersed in genetics education, completing four university level genetics courses as well as following online forums and blogs. Staying up-to-date with this fast developing field is a challenge.

My Genetics Background (Apr-2015):

  • Useful Genetics (Parts 1 & 2) by Dr. Rosemary Redfield, University of British Columbia, Coursera – passed both part 1 & 2 – passed with distinction
  • Introduction to Genetics and Evolution by Dr. Mohamed Noor, Duke University, Coursea – passed with distinction
  • Tales of the Genome, Dr. Matt Cook, Udacity – passed with distinction
  • Genetics and Society: A Course for Educators by Rob DeSalle, Ph.D., American Museum of Natural History, Coursea – passed with distinction
  • Evolution: A Course for Educators by Joel Cracraft. Ph.D., American Museum of Natural History, Coursea – passed with distinction
  • Human Evolution: Past and Future, John Hawks, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Coursera – audited only
  • Ethical and Social Challenges of Genomic and Precision Medicine, University of California SF, Drs. Koenig & Harris-Wai, Coursea – passed
  • Genomic Medicine Gets Personal by Dr. Haddad, Georgetown University, EdX – passed

My Personal Data

I am a graduate of Edward Little High School and Andover Business College. I have worked as an office manager in a variety of local small businesses over the years. I have lived in either Auburn or Lewiston in the State of Maine most of my life.

I also have a personal “Camp Journal” you might enjoy visiting.

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