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DNA Results Update

I am pleased to announce that all four of my “1st round” DNA test kits have been received by the lab. Two kits have completed processing (P C & S G) and I have started working with them. K M’s results should be available any day now but I will have to wait about 4 weeks before B A’s (our Burns cousin)  results are available – he kept forgetting to do it before he ate 😉

Once B A’s results are back I will be able to do all sorts of analysis and begin the process of separating our Irish DNA from our old New England DNA. Once that project is underway, I can start working on the mystery of Grampa Stevens’ mother.

The DNA testing company I use, FamilyTreeDNA, is experiencing a lot of growing pains at the moment and many parts of their website are currently broken. I will be in touch with my cousins to give them passwords for their DNA accounts as soon as things settle down and there is something to actually see and do once you log-in to your account page.

I am now ready to recruit a few more cousins for another round of testing. The more the merry!

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